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Google & Sarah Flint

April 5, 2018


The Wharton Retail Club held a trek to New York City on February 16, 2018. The NYC trek consisted of two parts: visiting Sarah Flint, a shoe designer, and Google Retail. Isabel Chafey, one of the undergrads on the trek, described the experience. She noted that an important lesson was, “You can start a business from scratch in a saturated market, but if you make sure your product is special and that you know every detail of the supply chain, it will be a success.” At the office, the team met with Veronica Collins (WG’11), the COO of the Company, who showed them the marvels of the world of shoes!


At Google Retail, the trek team left with an important takeaway as well: “Most people see Google as a search engine, but it's much more than that. Google has a huge role in advertising for the whole world and it has a complicated relationship with Amazon, since it is both Amazon’s competitor and collaborator.” The team further had a chance to look at some of Google’s data analytic results for fashion trends. Chafey also mentioned, “We ate tacos at Google. The myth that the food is amazing is actually very true!”


The trek was a wonderful learning experience for the members of the Wharton Retail Club and gave them new insights into the exciting world of retail.


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